Urgent – Access, Loading & Parking Update For 12 February 2023

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On arriving on site to setup today, we found that the Grandstand underpass, between the Courtyard and parking racecourse side has had to have some emergency repairs carried out, removing this crucial access point.  Therefore, we have had to devise and implement some emergency traffic protocols tomorrow.

The main result is that we have to manage the traffic flow in front of the Grandstand a lot harder than normal.  If we do not do this, we will end up with traffic driving head to head at each other on a continuous basis.  So please help us to reduce the impact on your day and decrease potential delays by helping us as follows.

  • On arrival at the stallholder gates, please ensure:
    • you have your car pass clearly visible in the window
    • you drive slowly when approaching the access gates – note: you should already be driving slowly – 5-10MPH maximum, as we have staff in the road and some idiots who fly down that road endanger their lives!
    • you are prepared to be stopped by marshalls just before the entrance gates
  • If you have unloaded today, proceed to gate 2 and go straight to parking
  • If you have unloaded today but still have more to bring in, where possible, please park and carry your items in from the car park, otherwise join the left hand queue
  • If you normally go through the car park to access the Courtyard, you will have to join the left hand queue and come in via the front of the Grandstand.
  • It is more important than ever that you unload your vehicle as quickly as possible and then park it before setting up!
  • When you have off loaded, please drive along the Grandstand back the way you came (as if you are exiting).
    • Please note that you might be stopped to allow traffic coming in to unload.  This wait will be minimal.
    • At the end of the Grandstand (where the casual dealers are situated), bear left, towards the Old Grandstand.
    • At the end of the Old Grandstand, turn left and continue to the normal parking area.

Remember, the front of the Grandstand & Courtyard needs to be cleared of all vehicles by 7.45am.  The fair will not open until all vehicles have moved.

For breakdown:

  • There will be no vehicles given access until all public visitors are off site, probably 4.10/4.15 at least- note: WE CANNOT CONTROL THIS – YOU DO!
  • Please pack your items before you bring your vehicle to load
  • Stallholders based in the Hong Kong Suite, Totes and Courtyard will be given a priority access pass to give them access to their area first
  • All Grandstand vehicles will be held by the Old Grandstand until the public have left.
  • After the Courtyard dealers have passed, Grandstand dealers will then be allowed to approach, however, they may then held, if required, to remove the risk of head to head’s!

Note: No unloading/loading in the lay-by opposite the Grandstand doors – this will only be used as a passing spot.

We have tried to make this as simple as possible, but, it is inevitable that there will be some frustrations, which we apologise for in advance.