Thank you for booking space at Newmarket Antiques & Collectors Fair

Please find details of what happens now that you have booked.

If the information below does not cover your query, do not hesitate in calling us on 0333 358 3688 or email

After You Book

When you book a space at the Newmarket Fair you will immediately be sent a booking confirmation/invoice, normally via email.

Please ensure that you check the contact details on the confirmation as this is what we will use to send you your dealer pack/car pass before the event.

Before The Fair

7-10 days before the event we will send out your dealer pack/car pass.  This will normally be via post but we are in the process of trialling email dispatch.  If you would like to receive your pack via email, you need to ensure that you have a printer to be able to create an A4 copy and request this when you book.

Please note that if you have booked a double table, only one space will be indicated on the paperwork.

Accessing The Site

The fair is held at the Grandstand located on the Rowley Mile Racecourse (Newmarket also has a second location, the July Course).

Rowley Mile is accessed via the entrance just outside of Newmarket Town, not the entrance by the roundabout with the bog horse statue!

When you access the site, you will drive for aprox 1/2 mile (800m) and the road will fork right.  Do not go straight on – this is the public car park and the gates should be closed!

On forking right, please continue for about 1/3 mile (500m) and the road will turn left.  On this corner is Gate 1.  Gate 2 is located a few hundred metres further on.

Please pay particular attention to your environment, especially on the Sunday morning, as visibility could be restricted and a wary dealer or dog walker could be lurking in the bushes, waiting to jump out in front of you!


Please note that the Jockey Club does not allow dogs on site at any time (except for assistance dogs).

Setting Up - Saturday

The site is open for setting up on the day before the event between 12.00pm-3.00pm.  If you can make it at this time, it will reduce the pressure on you to setup in a rush on the Sunday morning.

Access is via Gate 1.

When you arrive, please ensure that you unload your vehicle first and then move it to the dealer car park (access via Courtyard).  This will allow as many fellow dealers as possible the ability to unload as close as possible to their stands.

There are 4 lifts available to help you move your goods up to the 1st floor.  The closest entry points to access these lifts are the second set of doors on the Parade Ring

Setting Up - Sunday

On Sunday unloading is between  6.30am and 8.00am.

  • If you are located on the Grandstand Ground floor enter via Gate 1
  • If you are located on the Grandstand First floor – enter via Gate 2
  • If you are located on the HK Suite/Tote/Courtyard – enter via Gate 2
  • All Outside pitches – enter via Gate 1

Once unloaded, vehicles must be moved to the parking area, which is the racecourse side of the Grandstand.

All vehicles must be moved from the front of the Grandstand before 7.50am.  Failure to clear your vehicle will result in the entrance gate not being opened to trade buyers.

No vehicles are to be parked in the Courtyard or Parade Ring/side of the Grandstand.

Setting Up - Your Stand Position

  • Your stand position will be clearly marked on both sides of the dealer pack/car pass.
  • Your stand space will be marked with your name on it
  • Check the legs/stability of your table before setting up
  • Do not move tables without agreement from organisers (due to fire safety)
  • Floor markings are there for your and the visitors safety
  • Extra tables, where preordered, are not to added to stand frontage i.e to create a double width space.  Only dealers who have booked a double space can have double width.
  • Tables placed as a return/right angle to the main table must be placed at the front (space permitting) and not to the side of your main table.
  • Walkways are to be kept clear at all times and to be a minimum of 2m wide
  • All electrical items used are to PAT tested and fully compliantNOTE: Newmarket staff will be conducting random checks on a regular basis

Breaking Down

  • Stands cannot be broken down until all public have left the site, no earlier than 4.00pm
  • Please ensure that you take all of your rubbish with you – bin bags are available from event staff if required.
  • Please pack all of your items first then bring you car for loading
  • Vehicles cannot be moved whilst the public are on site i.e. between 8.00am and at least 4.15pm
  • Vehicles will not be allowed into the Courtyard or Parade Ring side until all public have left and Newmarket staff have authourised
  • Dealers need to have left the site by 6.00pm.  Failure to leave by this time may result in an additional charge for staff/security overtime.