2024 Stall Holder Updates


As we all know, the costs of doing business only goes one way – up!

Whilst stall prices have been maintained here for more than 6 years, we are now at a point where we have to adjust our pricing to cover increasing costs and ensure the longevity of this fantastic fair.

So, for 2024 the pricing is as follows:

  • Single Table £90
  • Double Table £155 (saving £25)
  • Furniture £140
  • Extra Table £15 (unchanged)
  • Tote Outside £75
  • Outside Undercover £70
  • Outside Open £55
  • Outdoor Casual £65

As you can see, we have kept increases to a minimum, just £5 per table/pitch.  We have not taken this move lightly, however, we are sure that you understand that with increases in the costs over the last several years (of the venue, tables, marketing, advertising, staff etc) it has become necessary.

Visitor entrance price will not be affected. 

Tables Inside & Insurance

With the cost of insurance skyrocketing since covid (event insurance has more than doubled  for us), we have had to change insurance providers for Newmarket, however, as with other events, one major new clause has been included in our cover – with effect in 2024, only tables supplied by us (i.e. from a formal, insured provider) can be used, meaning that you can no longer bring and use your own tables inside at the fair.  It appears that, across several different fairs and markets, insurance claims have dramatically increased where people are having accidents with tables and this is seen as a way to reduce issues and liabilities.


We appreciate that this will only affect some stallholders, but we hope you appreciate the benefit you may have had over the years compared to stallholders who have paid for extra tables.

Additional Update

The Jockey Club are imposing several new (or old but not enforced) rules and, as a result of the actions of several stallholders who should know better (as they are regulars) we may have additional requirements imposed that might have further cost implications.

Event Breakdown & Loading

We have to ensure that all public are offsite before cars can access the Grandstand & Courtyard and breakdown/loading can commence.  We specifically state in the paperwork we send you that vehicle access is from 4.15pm (as long as there are no public on site).  We have always been happy to let you in earlier if we clear the site earlier.  

At the last event, stallholders accessed the Grandstand at 3.45pm, long before being allowed and with several public still on site.  Whilst this would normally be a problem, it is now a massive issue because the new Jocket Club Head of Health & Safety was on site reviewing how well we do things – what she saw was not impressive.  The Jockey Club are now insisting that we employ at least 2 more members of staff to manage vehicles – we are fighting this as not only do we think this is unnecessary, but we will also have to pass the cost straight on to stall holders.

If we have to implement this, you can blame the thoughtless and selfish stallholders who can’t be bothered to wait 15-20 minutes…

PAT Testing

Any electrical item plugged into Newmarket power supply will need to have passed PAT testing.  Items being sold and not plugged in will not require approval.  Any items not approved and plugged in will be removed by Newmarket staff and returned at the end of the day.

We are looking at ways to have onsite testing to make compliance easier for stallholders.


The Jockey Club will be making it compulsory for stallholders to carry public liability insurance  (which you should really have!) or ensure that our insurance covers any issues created by stallholders.  We are discussing this with our insurers, however, the costs of increasing our cover will go up several hundred per cent.   

We are also discussing individual stallholder insurance with our brokers and will update you separately on this.